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Logicom Unveils New Image

​​Logicom has revealed its new plans for rebranding at the Group's Annual General Meeting last month. Delivering a message of change and optimism, Logicom aims to upgrade and renew its way of communicating with the public.

Logicom's rebranding plans include the adoption of a revamped logo, the use of social networking sites, and a brand new website complete with graphical language, all of which will be presented to the public soon.  This new image aims to highlight the key pillars upon which the success and development of the Logicom brand are based.

Logicom's pillars of success include its close links with all its stakeholders, from customers, partners and vendors, to staff, bankers, and shareholders, within in a globalised environment; a strong network of partners that is based on the principles of mutual trust and support; attention to detail; and a strong presence in a significant number of countries in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

With a fresh new image, Logicom will continue to reinforce and foster its values of loyalty and professionalism, strengthened with the adoption of a new tagline, 'Partners in your success.' At a time when the world is gripped by uncertainty about the future, Logicom has proven that it has the ability to creatively manage challenges and turn them into opportunities. With increased cooperation in the area of Distribution, the further development of the Services sector, and a strong foundation in infrastructure, Logicom is set to continue its successful path, turning every challenge into an opportunity​.​

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